As I’m writing this, I am gasping at the fact that we are in the first week of February. I know time seems to go faster as you get older but the start of this year has officially sped past. I wish I could just ‘freeze-frame’ us for a while, get my work/admin/life sorted and then unfreeze and continue on a slightly calmer path into 2017!

In the midst of chaos however, I always seem to look back on things and places that have a soothing effect; one such place for me is Plettenberg Bay in the Western Cape. I have a long history with this coastal town – I believe my fist trip there was when I was a few months old – and since then, my family has consistently been frequenting it. I think it’s because of that reason that sometimes I lose sight of what an amazingly beautiful place it really is. If you have ever been to Plett, you will know what I mean – and if you have yet to visit – it probably should form part of your SA Travel ‘to-do’ list!

For those of you who may be planning a trip down to that part of SA (I know there are multiple holidays coming up in April) there is one thing that I think is an absolute necessity to do when you are in the area : WALK THE ROBBERG

Not only is this culmination of pre-historic rock and stone-age artefacts a nature reserve, it’s also a national monument and a World Heritage Site!

The views are breathtaking, and there are different hiking routes depending on your fitness level – I’ve done the full 11km route to ‘The Point’ (which is spectacular) but this year, my highlight was the 4km walk to the ‘Witsand’ sand dune and down to ‘The Island’. It was less about the hike, and more about taking in the astounding scenery around us – I hope my photos can do it some justice, however if you want to really experience it all – the fresh smells of fynbos, the playful sounds of the seals and the realisation that there is really nothing more beautiful than nature – make sure you make a plan to walk the Robberg.

Me, trying to run down a part of the sand dune – I swear I was going faster than it looks!

All the routes are incredibly well sign-posted, and if I remember correctly it costs a mere R40 per person to enter the reserve. Make sure to check the tides before you walk though, as it can get a little dicey at times.

For more detailed info, you can visit the Cape Nature website. 

Happy Friday errbody!


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