OKAY. We know. We have been totally MIA this year.

In fairness, Ilaria gave a brief recap as to what she has been up to with her big move to the Cape; but she didn’t exactly share what has been going down behind the scenes. In short and brief – it involves RUNNING a barber shop in Cape Town’s trendiest street (Hermanos – google it), RUNNING her own business (Flat White Designs) – who ever said life outside a corporate job was less hectic has not spent a moment in this girl’s shoes. Which for the record are always flat, trendy and comfortable.

Sam, on the other hand, has been hibernating behind the corporate-working mom disguise. While the shoes are heels during the week (and always will be), on weekends these are traded in for a trusty pair of ‘sneaks’ so needed for the “let’s-not-sit-down-longer-than-30-seconds-game” that one-year-olds love to play!

For both of us, cool sneakers have become a wardrobe staple. Gone are the days of the running takkie and jeans look (shudders); today’s variety of non-active, active shoes can make the outfit. Remember having to sacrifice comfort for a good outfit on holiday and then ending up with bleeding, crippling pain feet? Yaaaaa, that is something we are so glad died when sneakers became cool.

For both of us, in very different ways, we love cool, casual sneakers. So when Superbalist contacted us recently about featuring our favourite sneakers for summer on here, it was something worth coming out of hiding for! And what better way to put together our top picks for the season ahead?

Clockwise from top left:-

1. Retro-Nude

– we never say no to a pair of nude beauties, so the fact that these are comfortable AND chic is a win! Pair these with a wide array of outfits to get a low-profile, but super stylish ensemble!. 

2. Hey Presto!

– originally released in 2000, the Air Presto has been revamped! These cool kicks offer sport-style fixtures that balance a modern aesthetic with supreme performance. And we never say no to another pair of white sneakers! 

3. Don’t Get Tied Down

– beige khaki, metallic accents AND no laces – this gorgeous pair of Superga’s (a staple in any wardrobe) will take you across a wide range of outfits without having to think too hard. Fresh, subtle and chic for the Summer season ahead. 

4. Up Your Gym Game

We feel like this is the pair of gym trainers we have been missing our whole lives. Like if we started to wear them, our motivation to keep up a regular fitness routine would magically appear. *black tights and hot bods instantly included*

5. The Gold Standard

– The perfect way to add the must-have Rose gold accent to a wardrobe? The classic 2750 with a metallic finish. Also known as the perfect way to wear sneakers from shorts to dresses alllllll summer long. See point 3 above – one can never have too many Superga’s! 

If you are struggling with ideas on how to pair your sneakers into an everyday wardrobe (outside of the gym), have a squiz at some of the Pinterest inspo pictures we have sourced.

See something you just love? Download the Superbalist app and get R250 off the first purchase (ioS: Andriod)!  We would love to know which of our featured sneakers would be making their way into your cupboards, so comment and let us know!


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