We have had such fun creating different look sets throughout the year; it is always interesting to see how similar our choices are! Next year we want to try incorporate our readers into these challenges, so keep a look out for some exciting things in 2016! If you missed any of the previous challenges, just click on the below links 🙂

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It’s now time for our last Polyvore Style-Off for the year!

Most South Africans (especially “Vaalies” like ourselves) will probably be heading down to the coast, or spend our time lounging by the pool over this holiday season so the most likely theme would have been something tropical and beachy BUT we thought we would change it up a bit!

Sam will be heading off to the bush for a few days over New Years, and we felt it was a great inspiration for this month’s style-off:

‘Summer Safari’

This theme also ties in quite well with one of the hottest trends for the summer; Khaki, which is always such a good colour to include in a wardrobe ESPECIALLY if you are going to be observing some wildlife 😉  

Here are the looks, make sure to vote for your favourite in the voting box below! 

City Girl Goes Wild

Down To Earth


The last style-off was won by Sam, who styled ‘Neutral Chic’ making her the overall leader so far! 

While this is not quite our adieu for the year, we hope that whatever you may be getting up to this December holiday, be it the beach, the bush, local of foreign, home or away we hope you have a fabulous one!


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