October happens to be one of our favourite months at Spruce: it always signals the start of summer in Jo’burg! And while summer means explosive colours in the man-made jungle and lazy afternoons around a pool (if you are lucky enough!), it also hails the start of wedding season in the city. Despite the fact that we have both probably attended more than a handful weddings over the course of the previous five summers, the decision of what to wear is always a tricky one!

While it should be obvious to not wear white or cream to a wedding (i.e. don’t try upstage the bride), we have three other golden rules which have served us both well.

  • Book a blow dry: this is the easiest way to ensure your look is polished and sophisticated on the day. We rate the Sorbet Dry Bar franchise: R170 for a wash and blow in less than an hour #winning
  • Check the dress code, and then make sure you check it again! What you wear should somehow align itself to the location of the wedding.
  • Invest in a pair of beautiful, comfortable heels. A beautiful dress requires an equally beautiful pair of [non-office] shoes that will hopefully make it through an entire night of dancing. Shoes can make or break the rest of your outfit and what better excuse to bring out your best pair! 

With the above in mind, we drew our challenge this month to create a Polyvore set piece for the ‘Best Dressed Wedding Guest’. Which look do you prefer, or could you see yourself wearing to the next wedding you might be attending? Use the voting buttons below 🙂

Colour Burst
vsNeutral Chic

Round 4 was won by Sam, who styled Look 1 bringing the tally to two a piece! We are looking for our next inspiration for the next month’s style-off so should you have any brilliant suggestions chat to us in the comments section. 

Happy Monday – may the week be ahead be a fantastic one!


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