A monthly collection of five of our favourite things done, seen, tasted, heard, smelt, worn, bought, savoured, enjoyed, touched, liked or loved.

Every time another Favourite Five rolls around, it feels like only a week has gone by – definitely not a month. December is around the corner – I’m not sure if I am ready for it yet!

Here are my top 5 picks for the month of October:

1. Lindt les Grandes White 32% Almonds

Ok, so if you are not into white chocolate or almonds you might want to skip this one (tasting this may however sway you). I am, on the other hand, very into both – and when this suddenly landed in the fridge one day (thanks Steph), I nearly lost my mind! It has to be the best chocolate bar I have tasted in a very long time. Lindt has created a winning combination here with a delicious mix of creamy, smooth flavours and crunchy textures, and although the price is steep for a bar that gets finished in a single evening (no judging), it is SO INCREDIBLY WORTH IT.

Calories per bar: I’d rather not know.


2. M&S Invisible Socks

I don’t think there is anyone who hasn’t experienced the horrendous feeling when secret socks find their way to the front of your shoe – scrunched up, uncomfortable and just annoying! This little problem ended when my mom introduced me to the M&S Invisible Socks from Woolies. These are a GAME CHANGER!

  1. They stay put. They have a very effective silicone backing that is embossed on the fabric, instead of stuck on it. This seems to last wash after wash and it ensures these babies are going nowhere.
  2. They are completely breathable. The clever mix of fabrics ensures that I can go the whole day wearing them, without ever feeling ‘sweaty’ or hot.
  3. They are almost invisible. Due to their very low-cut design, you are not limited to only wearing these with sneakers – you can easily use them with pumps or closed heals without them being noticeable.m-s-invisible-socks-6009189117213

3. Essential Tees – H&M

Now that I am no longer part of the corporate world (I know – I need to update you in a more detailed post), my wardrobe needs have drastically changed. Where I once needed smart blouses, I now need relaxed and comfy tops that don’t look shabby AND that are decently priced. H&M does so well in providing this range of items – a couple of weeks ago, I popped in and found three perfect tee’s – all at R149 each! #majorwin


4. 1Fetch Delivery Service

I found myself in a pickle a few weeks ago, when I had to get something to a client but didn’t have the time to deliver it myself. He told me he would send someone to come through and collect – that ‘someone’ happened to be a GENIUS service called 1Fetch; an on-demand, same-day, hand-to-hand motorbike delivery service servicing the JHB area. Founded by two very smart individuals, Panico Theocharides and Jason Psillos, 1Fetch was bourne out of a growing need for convenience on our very busy Johannesburg roads.

How it works?

  • download the app and sign up
  • enter the collection address
  • enter the delivery address
  • accept quote

Your parcel will then be collected within 90 minutes of your confirmed order! EASY. AS. PIE! (you can track the whole process via the app)

Since my first interaction with them, I’ve used the service multiple times and have been nothing short of impressed. Check out their very informative website for more details.


5. Guerlain Terracotta Light Bronzing Powder 02 | Natural Blondes

I had veered away from the more high-end bronzers for a while, until I received this beautiful Guerlain Powder from Steph after one of his work trips. After using this sheer powder for a few days, I remembered the benefit of spending a little extra on certain make-up items. Besides the packaging being exquisite, and the powder being a mosaic combination of bronze, pink and nude hues, it is the subtleness of the bronzer that wins me over. I’ve often been left feeling far too orange after an application, but this powder (which is very build-able) leaves just the right amount of glow on my skin. That said, I do feel like this might be a better fit for summer skin; when I have a bit more colour. The bronze hues may be a bit too ‘brown’ for my very fair, winter skin. I will have to wait for winter 2017 to be completely sure, but for now – I am very happy with this product and I use it daily!



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  1. Terry
    November 2, 2016 at 2:00 pm (4 years ago)

    Thanks for the mention Bella? There is also another company called Picup which also does the same thing and works on more or less the same basis. They are in CT and now also in JHB – you should try it and compare


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