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I don’t think I am alone in saying the end of March – and the Easter weekend – has just snuck up on me! The end of the month also means our monthly installment of Favourite Five and, luckily, I have found some gems during the month making my list relatively easy to compile. So here they are – March’s Favourite Five:

1. Chanel Vitalumiere Foundation

The discovery of this foundation – and my new make-up obsession – has a bit of a long story behind it, but in a nutshell, I blame my sister for introducing me to this foundation. After using some of hers just once, I knew I had to have it and finally plucked up the credit card courage to purchase a bottle. The ultimate “treat-yo-self” moment.

This foundation ticks every single one of my foundation requirement boxes, most importantly being ‘my skin, but better’ look. The formula is sheer enough to not look like foundation, but build-able enough to cover any skin imperfections. The price is premium – I think this was in the region of R650 – but I end up using so little that it looks like I might get six months out of the bottle! I don’t believe it is always necessary to buy the most expensive foundation – MAC, at about half the price, does an incredible job – but I am so impressed by this formula, that it is doubtful I will eve use another foundation besides Chanel. 


2. ‘The Affair’

During February and March, Wednesdays became about one thing – The Affair. This brilliant series has just finished airing on Mnet Edge so if you have not yet watched it, I would recommend getting your hands on this 10-part series (and join me in the agonizing wait until late 2015 when season two will debut in the United States).

The story line is simple – an extra-marital affair– but the clever direction and production of the series is what makes it so enthralling. Each episode was filmed from the perspective of both Noah and Alison (the two lead characters engaging in the affair), adding to the suspense of what really took place. The subtle hints and nuances in exploring the emotional and physiological effects of the affair is absorbing; it felt as if I was reading a really, really good book.

The show picked up two Golden Globes in January – best actress for TV (Drama) for Ruth Wilson, and best television series (Drama) – incase, you needed anymore convincing that this series is really that good.


3. Kobo Soy Candle – Champagne and Ginger

You might have seen that Ilaria made mention of this candle in her answers to the ‘me-time’ tag, which she bought after some coercing from me. I think she will agree, though, this is probably one of the most wonderful candles ever. Firstly, the candle is made from 100% soy meaning the wax created from burning is soy-wax, so the melted wax can be used as a divine moisturizer. Secondly, the combination of Champagne and Ginger is just delightful, perfect for my downstairs area. I am reminded of some fizzy, Oriental cocktail every time I light the candle. Lastly – unlike most other fragranced candles – the Kobo range retains their scent for ages; the one next to my bed is still fragrant, despite sitting on my night stand since Christmas 2014!

I always have believed life is too short not to use (and enjoy!) the good china, or burn beautiful candles, and am reminded of that every time I light this candle. Kobo candles are available at Entrepo stores.


4. Catrice “Prime and Fine” Primer

A few years ago I could not put on my make up without using a primer first. And then, inexplicably, I just stopped using it. I can’t remember why, although I am pretty sure it might have been due to the introduction of a daily SPF (a habit I probably started too late in life). After buying said-Chanel foundation, I found myself needing a primer again – although I felt unwilling to pay a Smashbox price for one after my foundation splurge.

I decided to give this Catrice (my go-to drug store make-up brand) primer a try, and have been nothing but impressed. Adding the primer step to my make-up routine definitely helps my make-up last longer and stops the foundation from seeping into my ever-thirsty pores. The situation has been a win-win-win – 90 bucks for an excellent primer; reduces how much foundation I use; and definitely has helped keep my skin clearer (and thus, meaning even less foundation is needed!). While the motivation for buying the Catrice primer was its affordable price, I will definitely be re-purchasing this magic pot when it runs out.


5. Bianca Warren Handbag

I think this was the find of the month for me! I happened to be scrolling on Instagram one quiet Sunday, and came across a photo of this metallic, reversible handbag from Bianca Warren. I quickly commented on the post, asking if delivery to Jo’burg was possible (as the boutique is based in Umhlanga). Thankfully, the gold-bronze bag was still available and better yet, once my payment confirmation was received the bag was sent overnight by a courier. Besides the fact that I adore the bag, and is basically 2-in-1 due to its reversible nature (my inner accountant rejoicing!), I am beyond impressed with the quality of the bag.

The tote shape is perfect for our upcoming trip – light enough to sling over my shoulder and just large enough to throw in a pair of heels, lipstick and a scarf for the evenings. My planned wardrobe for our trip involves mainly neutrals and black, so the bag will add a pop of colour and glam to my outfits. I spoilt my youngest sister with one – a gorgeous orange and ivory combination, which was so stunning I considered keeping it for myself as well!

You can find Bianca Warren on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, or if you are in Durban her signature store is located in The Square on Umhlanga Rocks Drive.



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  1. Terry
    March 31, 2015 at 12:40 pm (4 years ago)

    Great read Sam, and a truly beautiful handbag! Have a good Easter


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