This past Saturday, the Spruce girls were invited by Rekorderlig to experience Park Life Johannesburg; one of the hottest music and gourmet food festivals in South Africa.

Unfortunately, Sam came down with the most terrible flu on the day and was in no state to venture outdoors. Steph didn’t need much persuading to be my back up ‘Spruce’ partner so we Ubered to Marks Park around 11am.

The Park Life team transformed the venue into an awesome full-blown music festival vibe; three massive sound stages, a cleverly set out array of gourmet food vendors and a variety of ‘watering’ stations. It also never felt like the 10 000 odd people attending were ever too cramped – spacing was just right.

My best parts of the day: tasting the ah-mazing pear flavoured Rekorderlig Cider, listening to the soothing sounds of the super talented Jasmine Thompson and Jeremy Loops and finding the most comfy bean bag in the Rekordelig tent to relax and enjoy the day.

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This years event (which was SOLD OUT!) was actually its 5th one, and it definitely lived up to its promises of a relaxed and fun atmosphere. It is so great to see that people are getting outdoors, regardless of the season. We are blessed to live in a country where our autumn/winter days are warm and sunny and where events like this definitely do well in keeping any hibernation blues away.

It seems winter daytime events are becoming more popular: there are a variety of  upcoming events in the next few weeks similar to Park Life – outdoors, chilled and a fun day out with family and friends – so if you missed the festival, there are some alternate options that may entice you 😉

Capetonians, you have the wine farms all year long (lucky buggers 🙂 ) but I did manage to find some interesting events for you too:

For those of you who are interested in something that extends for more than a day, check out Afrikaburn (on my to do-list soon).

Thank you to Rekordelig, who generously sponsored our entrance tickets to the event. It was a stunning day out!


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