Update: my three-month no-shop challenge is officially over. I made it through nearly ten weeks without any dedicated shopping trips or online purchases. Last night in a shear moment of panic (due to the fact that we are attending the Marie Claire Prix d’Excellence beauty awards this evening with nothing to wear), I abandoned the no shop challenge a couple of weeks earlier than anticipated.


In the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you I failed miserably in not buying any accessories. I was in desperate need of a few items to get me through the past couple of months so I did buy two cheap necklaces from H&M during February, and two sets of earrings from Country Road/Witchery. And maybe some bangles last night. Note to self: never, ever commit to not buying accessories.

I also may have had a moment of panic one Saturday night during February and bought a top [on sale] from Forever New. In fairness, it was because I was going out to dinner with a bunch of beautiful, stylish and successful girls… so buying the top is understandable, right?!


Besides not spending money on clothes, I have managed to learn a couple of things this year about my wardrobe, what I own and what I need to own:

Lesson one: Replace the basics

I am terrible at replacing the basics in my wardrobe – items like camis, simple t-shirts and black jeans. I have kept adding new items into my wardrobe without updating the essentials that are worn on almost a weekly basis. The fact that these items get worn the most means they will eventually show wear, tear and fading. I have made it a priority to replace my basics each season as need be.

Lesson two: If you hate it, chuck it

I have a pair of Zara jeans I cannot bring myself to throw out because they are my only “work appropriate” jeans for a Friday. However, every time I wear them I feel dreadful; my ass comparable to the size of a baby elephant’s. Quite frankly, they make me feel horrendous but have not replaced them with another suitable pair. This weekend, along with a couple of other items that are tired, or make me look tired, will be sent to their final resting place.

Lesson three: Classics are timeless 

This seems completely self-explanatory, but perhaps a lesson I needed to remember. Invest in classic, well-designed, well-made items. Those items last more than a few years, and look good year-after-year. Classic colours – black, white, navy and grey – will continue to form the backbone to my wardrobe as this can be worn with anything and for almost any occasion (besides aforementioned beauty awards). 

Almost bizarrely, my decision to enter this no-shop challenge for the first quarter of 2016 was not based on any other reason than the ones I originally listed. But a handful of weeks into the challenge, I discovered another piece of news that made the no-shop challenge make even more sense.

Sean and I are expecting our first child in September!

We have shared the news with our close friends and family but did not make any social media announcement. Inevitably, as Spruce is a blog of such a personal nature, it seemed that I couldn’t not share the news with our readers eventually.

I am, as you can imagine, completely excited and overwhelmed by the prospect of having my own little human. I am not sure how much of “Baby U” will be featured on the blog; but, as with everything Spruce-related, we will figure it out as we go.

Sean and I have received so many supportive and genuine responses of happiness from our circle so far – I have been humbled at how many people took the time out of their day last week to call to congratulate us – and makes me feel that perhaps I will do just fine at the mom-job come later this year.

For now, I am trying to keep my raging sweet tooth under control, keep up some sort of gym routine and keep my stress levels down. xxxx


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