As we press “publish” on this post, Jo’burg is gripped in a freeeeeeezing cold day – the first cold front in a few weeks. And although our winters are mild when compared with that of our Northern Hemisphere neighbours, there is no denying our houses and lifestyles are not built for colder days. Added to the fact that Jo’burg is so dry during winter, it does make a rather unpleasant few months to get through.

So how do we go about surviving winter? We complied our list of top tips to make it through this cold snap, and whatever the dry, dusty month of August holds for us.

Body Oils

There is no denying the toll winter can take on our skins; sometimes it seems no amount of moisturizer can do the job in fighting off crocodile scales. Secret weapon number 1: Bio-Oil. Add a generous squeeze into your evening bath; it goes a long way to locking moisture into dry limbs with the added bonus of not having to apply additional body crème after the bath. We also love the after-shower gel from Lipodol – it absorbs easily and is quick to apply once out the shower.  A light splattering of Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse (the cult dry oil) over the neck, décolletage and cuticles at night is also guaranteed to help skin stay nourished in spite of the dry Highveld conditions.


Nourishing Soups

If you are anything like either of us then you chuck the idea of a salad for lunch at the first sign of cold. For a healthy replacement we both luuuuurve a nourishing soup that keeps the belly both warm and full at lunchtime. However, many of the readymade varieties are filled with things like cornstarch, and even sugar and why we recommend the Woolies pre-cut vegetable soup mixes. After sweating off veg in a pot for a couple of minutes add stock and
water and boil for 30-40 minutes, before blending to a desired consistency. To “bulk up” the soup, you can easily add some shredded chicken and perhaps, a side of toasted rye bread – yum!


Hibernation Materials

For the few days/nights of the year when it is really just too cold to venture out, there is really nothing better than a chill session on the couch with good tv, snacks and soft blanket. Last week – just in time for this cold front – Volpes kindly sent us each a divine throw blanket that is literally going to be our new best friend tonight. Volpes has a beautiful range of blankets, knits and faux fur throws to ensure keeping toasty indoors is not only possible, but also stylish. And even better – all Volpes items are manufactured locally meaning the prices can be kept as low as possible in this volatile Rand environment. You can shop the full range via their webstore.



Remember those days of queuing for clubs in skimpy tops, jeans and not much more during winter? Well, we would prefer to not either! Thankfully, our retailers have come a loooooong way in the past years in providing elegant – and proper – outwear. Each year, we manage to find a coat from the Woolworths Studio W line that catches both of our eyes and we obsess over for more than a few minutes. This year it was the instagrammed camel coat that we both loved – and yet, neither purchased (same goes for the cream number last year). This year, Ilaria decided to invest in a shorter trench as mentioned in June’s Favourite Five as well as a cosy, versatile animal print wrap while Sam purchased a KWay duck-down jacket (featured in multiple pics in last week’s post). All items have added a much-needed dimension to our individual wardrobes – classic items for Ilaria and relaxed weekend wear for Sam – as well as keeping us warm on winter days.


Clever Underwear

Sometimes, instead of bulking up by adding layer after layer (and then feeling like the oros man), you can easily combat the cold by adding clever ‘underwear’ to your outfit. Things like ultra thin, heat generating thermal tops, thermal knee highs (so you can still keep warm but not feel constricted in boots) and body sensor temperature control leggings are wardrobe essentials in the chilly season. It’s amazing how much warmth these cleverly designed items retain. We also love their versatility! 


Do you have any tips you can share with us for getting through the next six-eight weeks before glorious spring arrives?  Keep warm in the meantime!


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