Much like the perfect pair of black pumps that Ilaria chatted about last year, there a a number of key items that we believe EVERY woman’s wardrobe should contain. These are the pieces that tend to cost a little extra (and because of this, should last a lot longer) and the wearability and versatility of these items are endless; one such key item is the classic white shirt.

The white shirt is possibly the easiest way a woman can look good without really trying. It can transcend every season and every style; from classic winter corporate under a smart pullover or as a chic cover-up on the beach, this essential is a go-to in a wardrobe.

We have put together some inspo pictures to show you how versatile the white shirt can be (regardless of age):

Whiteshirt1 TEGWhiteButton-Up_12 TEGWhiteButton-Up_20whiteshirt220150903-4TEGWhiteButton-Up_22whiteshirt3e547c8166c6618a7f7d7edc207db4fc1 TEGWhiteButton-Up_03All images sourced from Pinterest

If you would like some help sourcing such a beautiful piece, we have put together a combination of some great online finds:


Clockwise from top left:-

Cotton Shirt, Spree – R499; Contrast Tie Neck Shirt, Country Road – R999; Longer Length Shirt, Spree – R549; Shirred Bib Shirt, Country Road – R999; Sleeveless Shirt, Spree – R419; Romantic Blouse, Witchery – R799; Longer Length Shirt, Mango – R599

We would absolutely love to know how you wear your classic white, and what other items in your wardrobe you regard as ‘essential’.

Happy shopping and happy Friday! Have a beautiful Autumn weekend. If you are up in Jozi, we hope to see you at the Park Life Festival tomorrow 😉


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