We are very excited to launch our new blog series today, which gives us – and you – a peek into the wardrobes of the some of the best dressed ladies we know! Perhaps it is because of reality TV and social media but the idea of having a ‘behind the scenes’ look into someone’s wardrobe is somewhat fascinating to the both of us.

We want this series to focus on ‘ordinary’ women with an extraordinary sense of style that is evident in an everyday look (you know what we mean  by everyday look – the outfit and sense of style that usually makes you feel like you are standing in your fat pants and slippers…).

Today in our first ‘In her wardrobe’ we feature Sam’s sister, Alison. Alison is one of those women who never have a hair out of place -EVER. Her look is polished and classic but always with a hint of the new and trendy. Ali recently relocated to London, which gave us the perfect opportunity to peer into her wardrobe as she prepared to pack up her clothing.


DSC_0264 DSC_0263

We posed six key questions to Alison, allowing us to better understand her style and love for clothing, as well as the tricks behind her super-polished look.

Spruce: How would you describe your style?

Ali: Chic, simple but always with a touch of glamour. It’s feminine and on a day-to-day basis is dictated by what I do [Alison worked as an Occupational Therapist at a school until recently] so is relatively casual. That said I want my look to feel likes it put together so I’ll accessorize, make sure my hair is done and my nails painted.

S: What are your key items in your wardrobe that help you achieve this look?

A: A good pair of dark skinny jeans – I wear jeans almost every day; a good quality t-shirt (this can be dressed up or down); something animal print; a beautiful pair of heels and a timeless leather handbag.


DSC_0276 DSC_0279

S: On what do you ‘splurge’? And what might you choose to ‘save’ on?

A: I love handbags and shoes – I would say this is where I choose to spend money in my wardrobe. That said, I buy most of the other clothes at general retailers – my favourite jeans are H&M, I buy seasonal items from places like Woolworths or from Asos online. If I travel overseas my first point of call is always H&M.


S: What is the one piece of advice you would give other woman when it comes to style?

A: In my opinion, people really underestimate the importance of accessorizing an outfit. Don’t’ be afraid to experiment and dress up on every occasion – style up your look even if its just jeans and tee.

S: What’s your favourite go-to look?

A: For evenings, I love wearing a skirt with heels and some sparkle – it’s a bit of a statement outfit for me! Right now, I am loving the look of this black jumpsuit – I bought it in New York last year from a retailer called Express – with my snakeskin Pigalle heels.


S. Who is your style icon, and why?

A: I LOVE Olivia Palermo – she is always polished, put together and I love the way she accessorizes!

Thanks for allowing us and our readers into your wardrobe, Ali!

If you would like to feature on an upcoming post of “In Her Wardrobe”, make sure you get in touch with us and tell us a little bit more about you and your style 🙂

What do you think of Ali’s style, and wardrobe pieces featured here today?


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