Sam recently replaced her existing coffee table with a gorgeous new concrete piece from @home, and it got us thinking that we should definitely put some time into researching how to make coffee tables instagram-worthy!

A simple item like a coffee table is not only functional but can be used to give the space an extra ‘pop’ it may need to complete a living area. Most of us however tend to use it as a ‘dumping’ place of sorts; remotes, magazines, odds and ends – and it can end up looking like a messy mish-mash, lacking style or design.

These few decorating tricks will ensure that regardless of style, shape or size – your coffee table will pull your space together and kick things up a notch!

The best part? You probably already own everything you need so you wont need to spend a thing! Unless you want to. Or have a shopping addiction. We plead guilty on both charges.


We looooove trays, and the way they can make smaller tit-bits look put-together. The use of a tray adds a sense of structure to any ensemble and depending on the shape of your table, or the other objects on it – you can use the shape of the tray to balance out a look. If you have many angular objects, a round tray adds an interesting dimension.


Whether it’s a stunning bouquet of roses, an airplant or just some green leaves – the addition of something living always gives the table a nice touch and makes the small space feel more ‘alive’. Flowers can add colour to a nuetral table, whereas a plant can bring a more organic feel to something already vibrant. We would steer clear of anything too tall which may block the view of a TV or a person opposite you.


Ok, we may be slightly obsessed with candles BUT you cannot deny that they add a sense of luxury and romance to a space. Even better if they are scented. There are so many gorgeous ones available – just make sure they are contained (glass, wood) – you wouldn’t want to ruin your table with melted wax.


One of the first things we both find ourselves doing when we visit other homes, is that we squizz the coffee table books – you get a good sense of the homeowner and their likes and passions. Also, books are such a lovely way to add colour so its something to take note of when styling the overall look. Three or five is a good number to work on in terms of stacking.


Much like the books give a sense of your personality, a quirky item will do the same – it might be a conversation starter too 😉 This can be absolutely anything; a relic from an old trip or just a random piece or item that you love – regardless of what it is, it adds a fun and relaxed feel to the look. The only thing we can suggest is to try and play with colour and height – variations of both give texture and dimension to the overall feel.

We have chosen some of our favourite inspo picks from Pinterest to give you an idea how all these items can work together beautifully. 

coffee-table-styling coffee+table+stylecoffee table stylingcoffee table styling coffee-table-decor Metal-coffee-table-decor coffee table styling coffee table stylingcoffee table coffee table styling coffee table styling *all pictures were sourced from Pinterest and serve as a guideline and inspiration

These are some basic tips that we’ve been using when styling our own tables, and we find that they tend to work; stacking, structure and alignment is key. The beauty of this kind of styling is that it can so easily be changed at any time. Have some fun and play around.

We would love to know if there are any special pieces that you like to showcase on your own coffee tables.

Happy styling!


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