A monthly collection of five of our favourite things done, seen, tasted, heard, smelt, worn, bought, savoured, enjoyed, touched, liked or loved.

Each time I sit down and write up a favourite five, I realise how quickly time goes by – I also realise I say that often, but in all honesty – life feels CRAZY at the moment. We are definitely not complaining, but we just wish time would slow down for a tiiiiiny bit!

As I write this, Sam is on her ‘baby moon’ experiencing a bucket-list destination; she is gallivanting through the magnificent and majestic Namibian desert. If you follow us on Instagram, you would have seen some snippets.

I will wait patiently for all the other photographic evidence, and hopefully soon it will be up on the blog for you too.

In the meantime, my favourite five things for the month of June…

1. Acnevelle – La Melle

If pimples are a distant memory and you last remember having them when you were 13, you can skip this. If, like me, your hormones decided that your 30’s were a good time to start on the spot train, then read on! I can’t tell you why or how, but for the last 7 months, my skin has gone absolutely mad; unlike anything I have ever experienced before. After making the situation worse by trying every conceivable ‘remedy’ product, I visited Candice at the New You and she gave me what I now call my miracle treatment: Acnevelle tablets from La Melle. I have been on these tablets for just over a month, and I cannot begin to describe what a difference it has made. I was reluctant at first as I wanted to fix it the ‘natural way’ but I really was at a point where nothing else was working. Now, I cannot recommend this product enough. One of its main ingredients is Zinc, which is said to have anti-inflammatory properties. The benefits of the tablets also include anti-itch, anti-redness and a reduction in skin sensitivity. I by no means have perfect skin now, but it feels likes it has comes leaps and bounds from what it was, and I would suggest you try this if you are facing the same battle.


2. A-Line Trench – Woolworths

I’m not kidding when I say my search for a trench has been years! I just have never found one that ticked all the boxes – and no, this is not because I’m too fussy – but nothing has felt right; my vertically challenged height doesn’t do well with coats that cut halfway on the calf (makes me look ten times shorter) and often if I find one that fits the shoulders, it tends not to close properly around my middle #stopeatingsomuchpasta!

So that is why this AH-MAZING ‘mini’ trench that I found recently in Woolies has made it to the list of favs for the month. It is the perfect colour, the perfect length and the PERFECT fit! I couldn’t be happier, and to top it off – Woolies is having a 30% off special on selected winter goodies so this baby cost me much less than I expected! High-five to the Woolworths buyers having made an excellent choice 😉

A-Line-Trench-Coat-60091957073163. House of Cards

I knoooooow that I am so late on the House of Cards train, BUT it is so good that I have to give it a mention! I am currently almost done with season 3 and I’m as hooked as I was after the first episode! Besides the juicy storyline, it is the quality of acting that stands out for me the most – Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) leaves you rooting for him regardless of the horrendous character he plays; in my mind, only brilliant acting can achieve that. I also love the fact that there are two lead roles; the patriarch and the matriarch – Claire Underwood’s wardrobe is enough to keep me watching. All round, this series is worth a watch. A binge watch is even better.


4. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural 

So I was perusing the aisles of Sandton City with my beauty bible the other day (aka. Sam) and we stumbled into MAC (obvs). For months Sam has been telling me how impressed she is with her powder, and after allowing the consultant to give it a test run on my skin, I thought to give it a bash. Well, I have to say that I echo Sam’s sentiments; it adds the finishing touch to my makeup that I never really had before. It has a slight pigment to it so it isn’t translucent and it not only aids in setting your foundation, but also gives that perfectly ‘finished yet natural’ look before you walk out the house! It’s not on the cheap side – R400 – but Sam mentioned that hers has lasted for more than a year; you use such a tiny amount that I can see that being the case. So you know, my cost per wear rule definitely applies 😉


5. White Liner – Brow Highlighter Trick

This one is short and sweet. White liner. Brow bones. Brilliant illusion. I saw this trick on an online beauty magazine and thought that it seemed worth a try. Everybody wants the illusion of higher arched brows; I tend to use the lightest hue of eye shadow on the brow bone but when I tried the liner trick, it seemed to do a much better job! It is now part of my daily routine, and would definitely recommend this easy beauty hack.

white liner


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2 Comments on Favourite Five | June 2016

  1. Tanya
    July 1, 2016 at 12:02 pm (4 years ago)

    Thank you for this post especially for talking about Acnevelle. I’m experiencing the same problem with my skin so will definitely try this! Where can I buy it?

    • spruce
      July 4, 2016 at 8:24 am (4 years ago)

      Morning Tanya – thank you for reading 🙂 You can pop onto Lamelle’s website and check to see who their stockists are – I get mine from a place in JHB called The New You but I think Skin Renewal supplies Lamelle and should have the Acnevelle tablets. xxx


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