Welcome to Spruce – our first post!

The idea of Spruce started about a year ago, and after a few changes and  and tweaks to the concept, procrastination’s (always over a morning cappuccino), self-host vs hosted discussions, some trial and error, we are finally here! To sit down and write an introductory post is therefore so daunting – it needs to begin the story of Spruce…

We would like to think of Spruce as an extension of our personalities; a place celebrating inspiration, beautiful things and the simple pleasures of life.

We are two regular girls who love to dream and love to desire, with a strong will to express ourselves and to connect with people around us – we hope that Spruce will continue to fulfill that in our lives.

Spruce equates to our “tent of dreams” and we want to warmly welcome you into it. It is an antidote to the grey and boring. Our space is to be dovoted to positivity and light, documenting our life and dreams in the City of Gold and beyond. It will always remain true to who we are.


We hope you enjoy all that Spruce is, and hope that with your help and support, you will enjoy this amazing journey with us.


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