Turkish Delight

I had originally decided not to blog about my August holiday to Turkey and Greece for a few reasons; one reason being that a recollection of a trip across three countries and eight towns/cities would probably be quite difficult to capture but as the co-author of Spruce, it would be quite stupid to not recollect […] Read more…


I cannot believe it has been almost two months that we stepped foot onto that KLM flight en-route to Lisbon! If I am truly honest with myself, Portugal had never made into my ‘top places to visit’ list and if it wasn’t for the wedding of Jed and Lara that we were attending (which was […] Read more…

A European Summer

I CANNOT believe how quickly August has come around! It has been an incredibly busy and adventure-filled year for the both of us; both on the blog and on a personal level and we are so thankful for how lucky we are! The adventures of 2015 certainly haven’t stopped yet, and this month is particularly special for two reasons: […] Read more…

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