As you may come to learn over time, I am a HUGE fan of dress up and dress up parties. This is why the end of October, which is fast approaching, is one of my favourite times – it is Halloween! With a mix of it being mystical, fun and haunting, it’s the perfect opportunity […] Read more…

Vaal Happiness

Weekends come and go, and often I think “I should have spent it a bit differently”. Too often I find myself using the time to run errands, do the dreaded groceries and just odds and ends. Last weekend however, my friend Jed celebrated his 30th Birthday and his fiancé Lara, organized a surprise gathering at […] Read more…

Off to the land of Oz

I’m off this evening for a long overdue – and much needed – holiday to Australia. While I’ll only be visiting Melbourne and Sydney during my stay, I am very excited to see what Australia’s two largest cities have to offer. I’m expecting great (if not very expensive) things from the home of Country Road […] Read more…

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