Vaal Happiness

Weekends come and go, and often I think “I should have spent it a bit differently”. Too often I find myself using the time to run errands, do the dreaded groceries and just odds and ends. Last weekend however, my friend Jed celebrated his 30th Birthday and his fiancé Lara, organized a surprise gathering at […] Read more…


One of the most important things about Spruce is that our readers connect with us. We think the starting point for this is to let you know a little bit about who we are and our personalities, so we put together 10 questions for us to answer about each other (15 years of friendship tends […] Read more…

hello world

Welcome to Spruce – our first post! The idea of Spruce started about a year ago, and after a few changes and  and tweaks to the concept, procrastination’s (always over a morning cappuccino), self-host vs hosted discussions, some trial and error, we are finally here! To sit down and write an introductory post is therefore […] Read more…

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