Paris Highlights Vol. 1

Trying to convey the immense number of thoughts and experiences of our trip into one single blog post is close to impossible. We also did not want to flood the blog with a million trip posts, so we thought the best way around this would be for us each to write a personal highlights piece for each of the cities we visited, in seperate blog posts over some time. […] Read more…

Thank You Mom

Sometimes, in the frantic rush of life, we forget to take the time to sit back and thank the people in our lives for being in our lives, like our mothers. With Mother’s Day taking place this Sunday, we thought it would be a good time to thank our wonderful moms, as well as wish all […] Read more…

5 For Change

Despite returning to work this week – after such a memorable and wonderful trip (blog posts coming soon!) – Monday was not all too bad as we received the official invitation to this year’s “5 For Change” Annual Black Tie Fund Raiser. While neither Ilaria nor my CFA-studying husband will be joining me, I am […] Read more…

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