Searching for "fri-yay"


With the madness of January behind us, including celebrating Ilaria’s 30th birthday, today officially feels like the first FRI-YAY of the year! Jo’burg has been sweltering hot this week; this evening we both will be settling back with a cold drink (Sam with a crisp Sauvignon Blanc, Ilaria sipping on a refreshing mojito) and taking in the glorious evening – our Highveld summer evenings are really something to savour!


It has been an exciting two weeks for us at Spruce – we attended our first foodie/blogger meet-up on Wednesday (look out for the post next week), which was delightful and insightful. Last Monday, over a glass of wine and a charcuterie board (how very European of us) we booked flights to Paris and Madrid!!

We have spoken about the possibility of this trip for over a year – Madrid being one of Ilaria’s favourite cities in the world and Paris being Sam’s ‘spiritual’ home; each of us having never visited the other city. We will be spending four nights in each of these incredible locations – to say excitement is at a fever pitch is an understatement! The trip represents a celebration of many things – our long running friendship (16 years and counting), the launch of Spruce (a shared dream) and a milestone year (our 30th birthdays). So be aware – come the last week of April – our Instagram account will be filled with photos of champagne, tapas, grand boulevards, massive smiles and shopping bags (hopefully)!


It is also Valentine’s Day weekend so we will be embracing the day of red and hearts in our own ways. If you are still deciding what to wear tomorrow night make sure you check out our Valentine’s Day Look Book post for some inspiration.

Wishing you all the most wonderful Fri-YAY and weekend ahead – keep fabulous 🙂



Forever New Factory Shop

If you read our big announcement a couple of weeks’ ago you would know that Ilaria and I have booked a trip to Paris and Madrid. This is immensely exciting (and usually involves one of us messaging the other at least once a week with “WE ARE GOING TO PARIS!”), although somewhat financially daunting.

When I visited Paris two years’ ago, I remember thinking how expensive it was (which it is; not only to us poor exchange-rate beaten South Africans). So further to the financially daunting task of having enough moola for the trip, there is the fact that we are going to two of the most stylish cities in the world. One does not do the South African travel uniform of “takkies ‘n shorts” in Paris, daaaaaahling!

Which is why, I dragged Ilaria along to the Forever New Factory Shop a couple of weekends ago.

I’ll be honest – usually I hate having to sift through racks upon racks of clothing. I am not a person who ‘wins’ at sales; my brain struggles without order and neat displays. I also despise making an effort to get to a sale and find the sale is only 20% off! To me, a sale is 50% or more off, so I usually find factory stores a waste of my time. That said; I had heard good things about the Forever New Factory Shop so we drove off to the one situated in the World Wear centre, on Beyer’s Naude Drive.

While the factory shop is not as beautifully fitted as the Forever New stores in major shopping centres, the staff were very helpful in putting items aside while we browsed – we were both quite impressed with how much was actually available in the store.

I ended up buying these three beautiful pieces on the day, all of which will be packed in my luggage in approximately 42 day’s time (yes, I am counting!)

1. Shorter length lace top

I love lace, and I love ivory so this top is an excellent addition to my existing wardrobe. What makes the top for me is the slightly shorter length; it just touches my hips, floating over the waistband of jeans or a maxi skirt. I think I might be saving this for a night out in Madrid; its slightly romantic/bohemian vibe will be perfect for a night of tapas and sangria on Gran Via.


2. “Bardot” style navy/porcelain top

I may have a slight problem when it comes to Brenton stripes – I literally cannot get enough of a good striped top! It manages to look casual, but sophisticated at the same time. This buy differs slightly from my existing stripe collection, thanks to the off-the-shoulder style. I think this will pair beautifully with my lighter skinny jeans, my beloved lace sneakers and a classic trench coat for a perfect Parisian Spring afternoon.


3. Spotted blouse

This blouse is out of my ‘comfort zone’ as I usually wear something more fitted on top, but was drawn to it immediately due to the stunning pattern. It falls beautifully once on, and love that it can be worn in the evening with heels and statement necklace, or during the day paired down with jeans, flats and a blazer.


All in all – I spent just over R750 for all 3 items, which would have cost R1500 full price! I have already managed to wear all 3 already (I am the type of person who finds any excuse to wear something new), proving that they are great additions into my wardrobe. I love how flirty, fun and feminine each of my purchases are; and that I didn’t have to spend a fortune on them.